dear doctor

i have heard about the news of replicel. i searched their website and found something weird. In their paper, there are two photos in the first page, but i cannot see any change in hair density as they claim. Can you explain it to me? thanks

RepliCel PDF

I do not know much about this, but based on what you linked to, it looks like they are proposing to test 108 men in phase 2 (it does not seem like this has been done). As they word it, it is “anticipated that implanted cells will migrate to damaged or dormant follicles and help rejuvenate them“. They do not mention the science. They seem to stress the monetary dollar amount of the hair loss market (more so than the science), so they are likely looking for investors.

Finally, I do not see much hair density in the photo myself, at least not visibly/cosmetically. Perhaps someone else more informed about RepliCel can provide more.

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