Dear Dr

There has been a lot of interest in the UK about intermittent fasting where an individual eats normally for 5 days a week and then fasts for two (not on consecutive days). There was a BBC horizon programme where it was shown to reduce IGH-1 (growth hormone) and improve insulin sensitivity. It is claimed that when a body goes into fasting mode the body starts to repair itself better by repairing cells rather than producing more cells. It was suggested that this may be beneficial to age related diseases, cancer etc.

Do you think this would slow down the pace of hairloss if insulin sensitivity improved and/or IGH-1 was reduced? Has research been done on this approach? Your thoughts would be appreciated

Genetic hair loss is not a disease. Balding is a genetic trait, like your height, body build, hair color, the way you look, etc. Even if this ‘fasting’ has value (which I would doubt), it will not change your genetics. Significant fasting can actually accelerate hair loss. You are what you are and although your patterned balding can be modified with drugs or transplants, your balding pattern is fixed in your genetics.

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