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Adderall and Hair Loss

If adderall does cause hair loss, then what is the explanation behind it? i.g. lack of blood flow to the sclap, increase in stress hormones?

Thank You

This drug is both a neuro-stimulant and an appetite depressant. When it causes hair loss (side effect) the mechanism may be related to the weight loss that follows and could be nutritional. It could also be a direct effect of the drug on hair growth.


Soriatane and Hair Loss

Hello, I am a 49year old female and experienced hair loss on my scalp for about a year but much more noticeable in the last 6 months. I have been on Effexor for about 4 years and have been up and down in dosage as high as 225mg and as low as 75mg. I also started taking soriatane for my psoriasis about a year ago. My dermatologists thinks that it is the soriatane that is causing the hair loss, not the Effexor. Can you tell me what the more likely medication would be?

Many medications have the potential for hair loss as its side effect. Before changing any medication regimen you should consult your doctor. There is no way to tell which medication may be the cause of your hair loss, and in fact, it may not even be the medication. You may also consider if there are any medical causes of hair loss. These are the things that you should be discussing with your doctor (see the Female Hair Loss category for more).


Lithium and Hair Loss

Having too much fun so the Docs here prescribed me lithium at 600 mg daily…of course my question to you is does lithium have any potential side effects regarding hair loss???

Simply put, yes… Lithium and other antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs are known to contribute or to cause hair loss.


Oxymetholone and Androgenic Alopecia

How soon into a three week period of Oxymetholone therapy will androgenic alopecia become aggravated?

If Oxymetholone does worsen pre-existing MPB, are the effects reversible upon discontinuation of the drug or possibly improved by other means?

Thank you.

Why are you undergoing Oxymetholone therapy? Do you have a major health problem? If so, you might look to that problem as a cause of your hair loss. I am sorry but there is no magic number and no way to tell, but this steroid is known to cause hair loss and once it kicks in, it may not be reversible. In determining if it might reverse, you may want to know if you have genetic balding and determine the degree of miniaturization you have.

Hair loss and the degree of hair loss can be a very subjective observation until one day you notice you are bald, since you can lose up to half your hair density and still look normal.


Xanax and Female Hair Loss

(female) The last few months my hair has been thinning and my head tingles and I feel extremely stressed out… The upside of this is that I feel stubble and regrowth. My thining is all over the head but mostly in the front (bangs) I feel like it is ruining my life.. I dont feel like going out or working or doing anything! It sucks.. I used to love my hair.. I take xanax for my stress is that making it worse?? Or could it?? I got on it after my hair started falling out.. Since I feel stubble and regowth does it mean its growing back??? Thank you for your time! Have a great day!

While many drugs are known to have a side effect of hair loss, it is relatively rare. You should always pursue if there is a treatable medical condition for hair loss. Hair loss in women have many, many causes and if it is not genetic, there is often an identifyable cause. You need to see a doctor for this who can give you a diagnostic work-up.


Coversyl and Propecia

I have been on propecia for about 8 years, so far so good. Recently I am on “Coversyl 4mg” to control my blood pressure. I understand most of the high blood pressure drug will cause hair loss. If this drug does, can propecia reverse the effect? I am worried cause it takes me 8 years to maintain reasonable “amout” of hair. Hope to hear from u soon. Regards

Many drugs have the potential side effect of hair loss and antihypertensive drugs are amongst them. If your hair loss is from the side effect of a drug, then it will not respond to Propecia. Speak to your doctor about this drug. Is there a one-to-one relationship? I mean, did the hair loss start exactly at the same time as you started to take the new medication?


Major Hair Loss After Depo Shot

I recently got my first shot of depo and it has been going good until now. I started losing ALOT of hair. I have naturally thick hair and have never had an issue with it falling out. I fill the drain in the shower then fill a brush after the shower. It started happening about a month ago and i can feel the differance in it already. I have read that it happens with the depo but will it come back and how long will it keep falling out like this?

If you are talking about depomedrol, it is a steroid and it is a know cause of hair loss. In men with genetic hair loss, it may precipitate permanent acceleration of the hair loss. If you stop the steroids and possibly take Propecia (assuming you are a man), then it might take a few months before you may see new hair growth once the offending agents disappear.

If you are a woman and are talking about Depo-Provera, then birth control pills are known causes for hair loss in women. If you stop the Depo-Provera, chances are that the hair loss will reverse in a number of months. Be sure that your doctor is managing the process and is checking you out for other causes of hair loss. Ask your doctor about alternative birth control to this medication.


Birth Control Pills and Hair Loss

Hello Dr. Rassman,

I am a 29 year old female and have been slowly losing my hair for several years. It’s gotten to the point where it is noticible and I am very concerned. I have been to my pcp and determitologist. I have had the standard thyroid tests, etc. and everything is normal. I also have mild vitiligo which I have heard can cause hair thinning as well. I am currently taking spironolactone and am using minoxil. They don’t seem to be helping but I know those can take time.

I have also been taking Levora for about 8 years. I hadn’t thought about that as being a possible cause, but then I noticed that it is listed as a possible side effect. And one of your posts mentions that hair loss is a side effect of birth control pills in 1-5% of women.

Any suggestions? Are there better pills to be on or should I try to go off the pill?

Thanks for your time

It is true that birth control pills can cause hair loss. I realize hair loss is a very sensitive topic, especially for women, but so is an unplanned pregnancy. You should definitely discuss any medication changes with your regular doctor. Some birth control pills may have more hair loss than others, so ask your doctor to experiment with a few of them to determine which one has the least impact on your hair problems.


Tramadol, Pain Killers, and Hair Loss

Hello Doctor, I was wondering if the drug Tramadol, or any other perscription pain killers (possibly even neruontin) could cause hair loss? I took Seasonale for one month about a year ago, and my hair was falling out in chunks. It slowed way down after that, and I am now on Yaz (like Yasmin) which I heard is good for women with that kind of hair loss. But I have taken Tramadol pretty much every day since last september for chronic pain, and since then I noticed my hair is a lot thinner on top, mostly in the front but its thin all over. I just stopped taking my tramadol a week or two ago and the hair loss has decreased by about half. Do you think this is just a coincedence and that I truely have female pattern baldness, or is there any correlation between pain medication and thinning hair and if so will it grow back? Thank you so much!

Many medications can cause hair loss. It is virtually impossible to tell if Tramadol is causing your hair loss especially when you are taking other medications. Moreover, stress and chronic pain can also be a factor with your thinning hair.


Anabolic Steroids, Propecia, and Rogaine

I was wondering Dr if you take steroids at a young age (19) (I know certain steroids are more harmful to your hair than others), and you do start to loose your hair but after 4 years you still have very thick hair but you do have mild hair loss and you still have enough thick hair to cover up bald spots, what does that mean? Are you predisposed to loosing all your hair or the hair you lost while on steroids is that it, has the hair loss stopped? Mind you, I have been on propecia for close to 2 years but I did stop for close to 6 months and none of my hair in the back fell out but my frontal line receded a bit.

Also, can rogaine cause hairloss? Because I was using rogaine and I did get some growth but I also felt I had some hair loss so I went off of it (I was on for about 6 months) then I have started to lose more hair. I am on propecia, so what is going on? PLEASE HELP ME.

Steroids, especially anabolic steroids (the kind bodybuilders use), may cause hair loss. Unfortunately for reasons not clearly understood, once you start losing hair it seems to continue as if a “switch” has been turned on.

Finally, the hair loss you are noticing may just be your natural course of hair loss indendent of Rogaine or Propecia. Propecia and Rogaine may have slowed down your hair loss to a certain degree, but we will never know the degree of how much of gain or loss you had because you did not continue the drugs for an extended period of time. My opinion is that you may want to continue the Propecia and/or see a hair specialist who may better assess the degree of your hair loss and its balding pattern, hopefully by mapping our your hair for miniaturization to obtain measurements on what is happening to your hair.