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Using Conditioner Daily, but Shampoo a Couple Times a Week?

I’ve read you’re only supposed to shampoo hair a couple times a week tops, like the Europeans. But I live in a windy locale, so if I don’t use cream/pomade/wax/clay/glue and/or hairspray in my hair each day for work, when I get to work my hair looks crazy and if I don’t shampoo it, combing it after is extremely hard, especially with hairspray. Someone suggested to me that you can use conditioner everyday but I haven’t tried that yet. Any thoughts?

Considering what you said, I would recommend that you shampoo daily. There are many good shampoos have have conditioners in them.


Can Shampoo Harm Hair?

You’ve said that daily shampooing of hair won’t cause hair loss unless we wash too rigorously. Disregard the physical aspects of washing. Can the chemicals in shampoo be affecting our hair follicles? I know that hair is “dead” when it grows out of the skin, but I’m concerned our hair follicles are shallow enough that the shampoo may be affecting them. Although if this were the case, perhaps a lot more women would have the same type of hair loss as men.

Sorry, but you’re completely off base with this. Shampoo itself has nothing to do with hair loss… absolutely nothing if it is a good commercial shampoo.


Taking Saw Palmetto Capsules with Provillus?

I’ve been taking Saw Palmetto Capsules for the hair loss control but discontinued because I started taking provillus dietary supplement(because containing Saw Palmetto), Can I continue with the Saw Palmetto capsules (The reason: I’m interested in the protate benefits)along with Provillus. Thank you in advance for your help.

ProvillusSaw palmetto and Provillus are over the counter natural supplements, though Provillus now contains minoxidil along with saw palmetto. The use of saw palmetto may or may not work, but one of the problems is the dosage between different manufacturers and as it is an herbal remedy it is not covered by the FDA regulations for claims. I really don’t believe it works in treating hair loss, but I also see no harm in taking it. I would be careful not to take excessive dosages of any natural supplements, though. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what an excessive dose of saw palmetto would be.

Provillus has 5% minoxidil in it now with their “improved formula” (it should say so on the bottle), which means that it is now as good as the cheaper generic minoxidil you can get at any pharmacy or most supermarkets.


Is a Ceramic Flat Iron Different from Regular Flat Iron for Hair Health?

I just read your article about flat irons and I was impressed with the information, the reason being i purchased a ceramic flat iron in which i was told it was the healthy way to get the hair straight but after using it about six times i started experiencing breakage like you described in the article. So my question is do you know anything about ceramic flat irons being different from regular flat irons?

Ceramic hair ironThe article you’re referring to can be found here, just so everyone is on the same page.

That article is a good review of the process. As I understand it, a ceramic hair iron ceramic is supposed to be more gentle on hair compared to a traditional metal hair iron, but the best information for you would be obtained through a good hair stylist who has experience with this process. Other sources you can try include cosmetology schools for stylists or even Wikipedia.


Questioning the HairDX Finasteride Test

Good day Dr.,

I’m just riddled with questions regarding this new HairDX test and although it’s brand new, I was wondering if you could help me clear up at least one. How accurate do they boast this test to be? They say: “Scientists discovered that among men that had the best response to Finasteride approximately 70% had a CAG score below 22 while among men that had a subtle response to Finasteride approximately 70% had a CAG score above 22″

Does that mean that even if someone has a score above 22, there’s still a chance at having a best response? I mean, say the score comes back above 22… is that the end of hope or is there still a chance the pill could work? And if someone scores below 22, does that mean it’s a slam dunk that it’ll work for them?

Thanks again for the great site.

HairDXYou do not need the HairDX test to find out if you have a balding gene if you already show miniaturization and/or balding. The CAG repeat test, however, does suggest how sensitive you will be to a drug like finasteride. This may have value in establishing expectations for finasteride, but any benefit of finasteride is better than none. I’m not completely familiar with the HairDX tests yet, as I’ve not used them, so I can’t give you specifics on what their descriptions mean.

If you believe you are balding without much physical evidence of balding (even after a miniaturization test), I would not recommend Propecia to you even if you test positive from the HairDX finasteride test, as we bald at different ages and although you may be positive for the genes for hair loss, if you are not yet losing hair, no treatment is needed until it starts.


Are My Hair Treatments Causing High Cholesterol?

Hi there Dr I have been taking Finastride, saw palmetto and rogaine. I need to know if any of these products cause high cholesterole or are damaging for the body in the long term.

I can not state anything about saw palmetto with any degree of certainty (I don’t recommend it), but Rogaine and finasteride are safe and are not known to cause high cholesterol.


Ookisa - Japanese Hair Formula

Hi Doc,

I just ran across this product on the Web and was wondering if you would give your thoughts. Is this just another form a snake oil or do you think it’s possible to get the type of results they claim?


OokisaI wouldn’t say it is snake oil, because I haven’t seen any ridiculous claims on the Ookisa site about regrowing 100% of your hair (like I see with far too many products out there). Those are the snake oils, in my book. This Ookisa just looks like a shampoo and conditioner combo that promotes volumizing. It looks like hair repair, like for detangling and giving it more shine. There’s a bunch of products out there that anyone can get at a salon or pharmacy.

I found a press release from the company that states their products are a “fusion of Eastern extracts and Western science by utilizing a highly refined variety of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals”. You can read the rest here.


Revivogen — Better than Propecia?

Is possible that revivogen is better than propecia and finasteride?

There is no scientific evidence that a skin application can get to the hair follicle with a DHT blocker, and as Revivogen is a topical and Propecia is an oral, therein lies the answer to your question. Revivogen does not block DHT the same way finasteride does. The study doesn’t show Revivogen working better than dutasteride or finasteride with actual hair regrowth or halting the progression of hair loss.

I really don’t understand why people would want to bother with unproven treatments and risk their progression of hair loss when there is an effective medication with great confidence that it will work (with scientific evidence to back it up).


Headaches from Rogaine Foam?

Hi, i’ve been using rogaine foam for about 7 1/2 months, and started using nioxin system 1 shampoo and coditioner. i’m starting to get a lot of head aches i think from the foam (since i think i’m using too much) and i’m not sure i’m getting much results, so i was thinking of starting using propecia, except it’s costly and i’m afraid of the side effects, seeing as i’m only 22, male. i heard the younger you are though, the less likely you are to have side effects from propecia, is that true?

i’ve been reading around and would like to only use .5mg, by cutting themin half. is it safe to just take a knife and cut them in half though? and i’ve heard using nizoral shampoo along with the foam is considered the “big 3″ and has shown a good amount of results for people, do you recommend using all three products?

HeadacheHeadaches may be from the hypotensive impact of minoxidil (Rogaine), which does drop blood pressure in some people. You may be using too much of it, or may just be too sensitive to it.

If costs on Propecia is too much, you can get a prescription for the genetic finasteride 5mg tablet and cut it into quarters. At our local Costco, the cost runs about $5/month for the 5mg generic. With regard to halving the dose, the financial solution to your problem is discussed already with the generic finasteride… and why take half when a full 1mg dose is better? Side effects are rare in men of all ages, but I don’t recall seeing statistics about side effects relating to age.

You can use Nizoral, but aside from being a good shampoo, I’m not sure it’s going to regrow your hair. If you’ve got the financial means to do so, you can continue to use all three products.


Better for Treating Hair Loss — Eating Dietary Staples or Herbal Supplements?

There is an herb called black cohosh in my DHT blocker blend. I researched it and it seems to increase blood flow in the pelvic region, but no one has pinpointed exactly the mechanism of action is or what the hell it really does, or if there are side effects. I saw a study that it might block DHT. My question is this, if we’re going the natural route for hair loss, would we be better served eating foods that are considered staples in our diets (fish, rice, potato, chickpeas, vegetables, fruits, soy, and so forth) or consuming supplementary herbs? Would these herbs REALLY make a difference?

The best natural treatment for hair loss is take what you want (dietary staples or herbs) and then, assuming you have genetic hair loss, watch as the hair loss continues. In other words, there are no natural cures for hair loss, but there are a lot of places that will try to sell them to you anyway. No amount of vitamins or herbs will bring your hair back.